Let ‘em Ride Poker

Let 'em Ride Poker jackpot
Let 'em Ride Poker
$201 375.74

Let’Em Ride is a progressive poker game which rules follow those of five card stud. In Let’Em Ride poker the player plays not against other opponents but against the house only, represented by the dealer. At the start of the game, the player is dealt three cards facing up at the forefront of the game screen and two other cards facing down in front of the house’s chips. The goal of the game is obviously to get the best possible hand from the five cards and at least a pair of tens. Any hand of a lesser value automatically goes to the dealer.

The hand ranking in Let’Em Ride poker starts with one pair – in this particular case a compulsory 10’s or better to qualify – followed by two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and the ultimate royal flush. The maximum payout on Let’Em Ride poker is $20,000,000. The payouts vary according to the hand obtained and for instance, a four of a kind pays 50 to one, a straight flush 200 to one while the royal flush pays out 1,000 to one.

The progressive jackpot feature of Let’Em Ride progressive poker can be activated at will by the player at the beginning of a hand. To try his luck at winning the progressive jackpot which currently amounts to $67, 618, the player needs to click on the red coin slot at the bottom right hand side of the table before clicking on deal. To confirm that the player is running for the progressive jackpot, the coin slot lights up.

The various progressive jackpot payouts in Let’Em Ride Poker will depend on the hand obtained by the player. For a flush, the player will receive $75 out of the progressive jackpot amount. A full house will fetch $100 and a four of a kind will pay $500. Any player obtaining a straight flush will receive 10% of the progressive jackpot and the lucky one lining up a royal flush will win the full jackpot amount. Play Let’Em Ride Poker at one of our selected RTG partner Casinos.

Let 'em Ride Poker

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