IRIS 3000 Slots

IRIS 3000 Slots jackpot
IRIS 3000 Slots
$318 779.19

IRIS 3000 slots is a one of a kind progressive slot machine with unique features.  IRIS actually stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slots and what strikes players right from the start is that the game offers 1 payline for 7 reels.  However, only five reels are required for the player to obtain a winning combination.

The symbols present in the game all have to do with warning signs.  The four main symbols which pay out the maximum coins are respectively the radiation sign, biohazard sign, fire hazard sign and the high voltage sign. Laser beams also appear during the bonus rounds and sweep across the screen accompanied by a warning sound effect.

To launch the game the player first needs to select 2 doors to close down.  The doors stand for the reels and the player can close them by clicking on the doors themselves or the numbered buttons at the bottom of the game screen. Alternately, selecting auto pick will randomly close down 2 of the doors.

In the IRIS 3000 slot game, players can bet between 1 and 3 coins.  Betting 2 coins will result in one laser beam swiping across the reels and doors and whenever the beam stops on a closed door, the latter is opened and the reel added to the results of the game.  Betting 3 credits will start 2 laser beams scanning the doors and reels and here again if the beams stop on closed door these will open and offer the player the opportunity to play with all seven reels this considerably increasing his chances to come up with better winning combinations.  In addition, opening all 7 doors will also win the player a multiplier which can multiply the players’ wins by up to 10 times the original bet.

To qualify for the progressive jackpot in the IRIS 3000 slots, the player needs to bet the maximum 3 coins.  The best part is that the IRIS 300 slots progressive jackpot amount starts at $100,000.  To win the progressive jackpot, all seven doors need to be opened and if five radiation hazard symbols appear on the payline, the player scoops the progressive jackpot.

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IRIS 3000 Slots

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