Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon Slots jackpot
Crazy Dragon Slots
$18 875.60

Crazy Dragon Slots is a classic 3 reel single payline online slot machine complete with a Chinese theme including the Dragon, pagodas, Koi fish, Bonsai plants and the Ying-Yang symbol among others.  This RTG progressive slots game offers both a standard game jackpot and a progressive jackpot.

The wild symbol is represented by the Ying and Yang and substitutes for all other symbols except the dragon to complete winning combinations.  On the Crazy Dragon Slot machine, players can bet up to three credits which is necessary for them to win the standard jackpot of 3,000 coins.

The Chinese dragon as a whole or any part thereof represents the bonus symbol.  The Chinese dragon symbols is split into three parts, head, body and tail, each standing for a bonus symbol on its own.  These three symbols are required to activate the Crazy Dragon Bonus feature during which the player can win free spins as well as the progressive jackpot.
In order to win free games, also known as re-spins, players need to bet the maximum 3 coins.  The aim is to obtain parts of the Crazy Dragon or the whole of it on the payline.  For a chance to win re-spins, it is compulsory for the dragon’s head to appear on the first reel.  What makes things easier is that each part of the dragon only appears on a predetermined reel.  In other words, the head only appears on reel 1, the body on reel 2 and the tail on reel 3.

The number is free spins awarded to the player depend on the number of parts of the dragon which line up on the payline.  As such the dragon’s head on reel 1 wins 2 re-spins, head on reel 1 plus body on reel 2 win 5 re-spins and the full dragon wins the player 20 re-spins.

In order to win the progressive jackpot on Crazy Dragon slots, the player needs to accumulate a hundred re-spins.  This is possible since during the re-spins round players are able to win more free spins which are added to the re-spins total and displayed in a counter on the right hand side of the game screen.  Once a player reaches a hundred re-spins the Progressive Jackpot which is indicated in real time above the reels is won.

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Crazy Dragon Slots

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