Recent hits on Let’Em Ride Poker

Let’Em Ride Poker, the popular game from gaming provider RTG has paid out again earlier today a progressive jackpot of $83,752.  Since the beginning of the year, Let’Em Ride Poker has paid out progressive jackpots on four occasions for a combined total of $361,992. 

More impressive still is that this online poker game paid out progressive jackpots three straight days in a row between the week before last and last week for $101,907, $92,142 and $84,191 respectively.  It seems that Let’Em Ride Poker fans will be in for a joyride this year if the trend of progressive jackpots that are being handed out is maintained.

Although these progressive jackpot amounts are very interesting, players will be glad to learn that they are but a portion of the progressive jackpots Let’Em Ride Poker usually pays out.  Last year for instance, several progressive jackpots which were won amounted in the high hundreds of thousands and even going above $200,000.

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