Let’Em Ride Progressive Jackpot Triple Hit

The Let’Em Ride Poker Progressive Jackpot has been hit three times at three days intervals over the past nine days. In total, the amount of the three combined jackpots went over $600,000. The three progressive jackpots to be won were respectively for $219,215, $200, 192 and $183,395.

The first win occurred nine days ago, after more than a month since the last progressive jackpot hit. In the space of three days following that the jackpot had already risen to over $200,000 and was won again by another lucky player. Finally after a three-day period following the second win, the Let’Em Ride progressive jackpot was hit once more for over $180,000.

We can see that the progressive jackpot amounts are following the latest trend of rising to around $200,000. It seems that Let’Em Ride is gathering more and more fans who are playing the game and contributing to the progressive jackpots thus bringing them to higher amounts than in the past.

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