Latest win on Let’Em Ride Poker

The one progressive jackpot which has been dominating our news section recently is the Let’Em Ride Poker Progressive Jackpot. Lately we have seen more and more frequent hits on this online poker game with ever increasing jackpots. Let’Em Ride Poker is definitely the game to try your luck on at RTG Casinos since many players are hitting big progressive jackpots and you could soon be amongst them.

The latest hit on Let’Em Ride Poker took place 3 days ago for a progressive jackpot amounting to $163,144. In keeping with the recent trend which started about six months ago, this jackpot amount is in the mid hundreds of thousands and on three previous occasions within the same six months, we saw progressive jackpots for Let’Em Ride Poker rise well over $200K.

In fact, prior to this most recent jackpot hit, the previous five came at short intervals to each other but each time for big amounts. After the jackpot was landed for $219,215 about a month and a week ago, a second progressive jackpot was hit for $200,192 only 3 days afterwards. A third jackpot of $183,395 was won 4 days following the second, a fourth jackpot of $170,282 5 days afterwards and a fifth jackpot of $156,447 was won again six days following the fifth.

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