Further hits on Let’Em Ride Poker

After some great wins last week on Let’Em Ride Poker out of which the biggest progressive jackpot went over $219,000, 2 more jackpots were won five and two days ago respectively. It seems that players at RTG Casino are playing a lot and betting big on Let’Em Ride since this is the one jackpot on the RTG platform with the most hits since a few weeks now.

What’s more is that the progressive jackpots linked to this poker table game have undergone a noticeable rise since the past five months or so, jumping from tens of thousands per hit to hundreds of thousands per hit. Five days ago, the Let’Em Ride jackpot has been won by a lucky player for the sum of $170,280 and another lucky player got the jackpot a couple of days ago for $156,447.

In addition to the whole progressive jackpot, Let’Em Ride Poker pays an amount or a certain percentage of the jackpot for certain hands. For instance, a flush will bring you $75 out of the progressive jackpot, A full house $100 and a four of a kind $500. A straight flush will pay 10% of the progressive jackpot and anyone hitting a royal flush will land the whole progressive jackpot. To play for the progressive jackpot, you are simply required to place an additional bet towards the progressive jackpot at the beginning of a hand.

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