207K Jackpot win on Let’Em Ride

The Let’Em Ride poker progressive jackpot has been hit 2 days ago for $207,404. It has been more than a year since the jackpot reached such an amount and it is only the last four jackpots which have actually gone over the $100,000 mark. On the 9 occasions the progressive jackpot was won prior to that within the past year, none of them went over $74,000.

The change in the jackpot trend occurred a little less than four month ago when the Let’Em Ride Progressive Jackpot jumped to some $152,000. Since then and for the last four hits, the jackpots amounts have been getting larger, passing the $170,000 bar and now the $200,000 bar.

It seems that Let’Em Ride is getting more and more popular with players lately which could account for the increase in the jackpot amounts. Not only that but the most recent jackpot wins having taken place within 1 to 2 months intervals means that contributions to the progressive jackpot pool have been constant in order to build ever more large jackpots amounts.

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